About-Jiangxi hedajin Industrial Co., Ltd


Chairman Mr. TANAKA HIROTO’s welcome speech: 

      HEDAJIN has integrated technology, knowledge and experience from China, Taiwan and Japan to provide high quality, safe and secure products.

     As a professional manufacture in the industry, We will continue to strive for excellence to support our consumer to live more happily and comfortably.



G.M. Mr. WEI Dah-Jun’s welcome speech:

    “Contentment, understanding, forgiveness, gratitude” is our company’s core value. The purpose of business is to create profit which relies on all the endeavor from our employee. All the employee can contribute their best under the safe and secure working environment. We believe that the happiest team can create the greatest product which can satisfy our customers the most.


Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan)


Yusheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)   

       Jiangxi hedajin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a joint venture funded by Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Yusheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) in 2013. The plant site is located in Zone C, Jinxi Industrial Park, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Jinxi industrial park is a provincial chemical industrial park in Jiangxi Province, in which contains

sustainable infrastructure for chemical and wasterwater management.


      Our company has equipment as enamel reactor, stainless steel reactor and other controllable temperature and speed liquid mixing equipment; air grinder, V-type mixer, classifier and other powder processing equipment.

     Jiangxi hedajin Industrial Co., Ltd provide arious products such as flame retardant, preservative, antibacterial agent, insect  repellent agent and various fiber auxiliaries with technical guidance by Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. As the overseas production base of Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., our production, quality management, packaging and delivery  meet the high quality standards of Daiwa Chemical Co., Ltd. , , Undoubtedly Jiangxi hedajin Industrial Co., Ltd can provide customers with safe, eco-friendly and high-quality products.



Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is Tier 1 fine chemical supplier in Japanmarket since 1958.We continuously committed to  pursuit the balance between human and environment.. As a leading enterprise in the research and production of  multi-functional  auxiliaries for clothing, Daiwan has been leading the Japanese market for a long time.

Manufacturing the following fine chemical products:

    ● flame retardant & nbsp; preservatives & nbsp; & nbsp; ● antimicrobial agents

    ● insect repellent & nbsp; ● Deodorant & nbsp; ● microcapsules & nbsp; ● other functional agents

manufacturing site:

Two factories in Tokyo, Osakaare both are conveniently located. Both factories have obtained ISO9001, and are dedicated to providing customers with safe and secure products.


LiSheng Enterprise Co., Ltd

Since its establishment in 1971, Taiwan Yusheng advances with the times byproviding finishing auxiliaries that are indispensable for the textile industry.  In 1979, YuSheng became the general agency for Daiwa Japan in Taiwan, to promote the usage ofhigh-efficiency processing auxiliaries, dedicated to improve the comfort and safety of human life.


Specialize in the following fine chemical products:

    ● flame retardant ● antibacterial agent ● insect repellent ● deodorant ● microcapsule preparation  


Business location:

 Office is located in the Guishan District ,Taoyuan City, adjacent to the airport and highway.With convenient transportation and Bluesign®

 certification, YuSheng is committed to providing customers with safe,secure and high-quality products.