Enterprise policy-Jiangxi hedajin Industrial Co., Ltd


                                                                                                                                         (Photo by Mr. Sun-Qing)

      Based on the belief and spirit of "gratitude, respect and love", our company takes the "people-oriented" business model as the starting point, and aims to create a safe, harmonious andhappy enterprise. In this peaceful working environment, Jiangxi hedajin improves the quality and grade of  products through advanced foreign production technology and managerial experience. Increases the competitiveness of foreign exchange earning through export and domestic market.


      Corporate value: Contentment, Thankful, Thoughtful  and embrace


      As the old saying goes, self-cultivation, family governance and peace of the world, one can only contribute to the company and society when one cultivates her/himself and keeps her/his body and mind happy and one’s family happy. Therefore, our company is committed to making every employee find a sense of happiness and belongingness through contentment, gratitude, understanding and tolerance, which would make our company moving towards a better future