Product concept-Jiangxi hedajin Industrial Co., Ltd

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Our company equips mature management experience and long-term stable production and operation model, Icombine  advantages of Taiwan  and Japanese enterprise management module which insuress the quality of products firmly.

Learn from Toyota Management Mode:

1. Total quality management: which emphasizes that quality is produced rather than inspected, and the final quality of products is guaranteed by quality management during manufacturing process. Pay attention to the quality inspection and control in each process to ensure the timely detection of quality problems and cultivate the quality awareness of each employee. If any problem occurs, manufacurting process will stop immediately until problemsolved, so as to ensure that there is no failure processing of unqualified products.

2. Team work: every employee not only carries out the orders from the superior, but also actively participates as a decision-making or decision-supporting role . The team members emphasize one’s specialty and otherabilities. The working atmosphere is trust, under kind long-term supervision, avoiding checking every steps of work to improve  work efficiency. The organization of a team is changeable. Different teams are established for different goal, and oneperson may belong to different teams.


Double Check:

Practice multiple checks and confirmations on products to ensure quality.


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Our company is an overseas production base  by Daiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which owns the characteristics of Japanese quality and China efficiency will surely create high-quality and cost-effective products.

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The founder of our company has been engaged in this industry for a long time and has firm relationship with whole industrial chain. With stable supply source , strong product sales channel  and our own sales branch and stable distributors domestic and abroad. The economic benefits created will be returned to the national society and the land.

The company's products meet all kinds of environmental protection requirements, and strive to create a safe, environmental friendly and pollution-free product and factory environment. While striving to make profit, we also fully cooperates with the national safety and environmental protection policies.